Gathering Darkness

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There is a gathering of great darkness surrounding us. We don’t even necessarily fight it, but we sure do talk about it. When do we stand up to the evils in our fellow man? Are we so easily distracted? There is slave trade still going on today that we are silent about! Human beings rounded up and sold, and those who didn’t sell are cut open for organ harvesting to be sold on the black market! Child trafficking is a serious thing that occurs not only in foreign lands, but in Western Civilisation and we don’t talk about it! There are politicians the world over who are accepting bribes and remaining silent. Yet some are even participating in this darkness! The leader of the First denomination of Christianity is silent on this global darkness, and so are its adherents. Are you so stuck in tradition that you would not stand against one who represents you? For those who are not of that first denomination, do you remain silent because you believe he doesn’t represent your denomination so you are removed from that tarnish brush? Do you not realise that there are people out there that believe he speaks for your entire religion and not just a single denomination? Y’all need to speak against him as well. You should have been joining forces with Catholics to get him removed. But you’re more worried of a backlash than standing up to the evil he espouses. Look we All have darkness in us. None of us are free of it. But we can strive to control it within us, and try to be better people.


Yet there is still a great gathering of darkness happening. No government is free from its touch. I don’t believe in religion, but I am not blind to what I can see. The future of our species is at hand, do we accept this darkness gladly? Or do we fight it? While some of y’all will believe that the world will end after a great war of good versus evil, I see a great change is needed if we are to move past that great war. What are we if we remain silent? Worse still, what are we if we are willfully blind and speak on behalf of that evil that is done to our fellow man? To those who live through this war, you will have to deal with the after math of what happened. Whether of religion or not, you will have to work through the fact that such evil grew among us. It doesn’t mean that we should end. But you will have to discuss and deal with the fact that there were those who held religious views and spoke out and were ignored. There are those who had those religious views who didn’t speak out. Then there are those that had those religious views that spoke in favor of that darkness. Then you’ll have to deal with those of different religions that fall into one of those categories, while there are those of no religion that also fall into those categories. Humans will have much to answer for after the great war.


We all have our own demons that we fight daily. Some of us even lose those battles. So how do we deal with such a great evil of our people while dealing with the darkness in ourselves as well as trying to deal with our daily lives? I don’t have the answers. I am also a coward and dislike fighting and anger.



Global Communism

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There is a group of people that are manipulators. The Bilderberg group, The Illuminati, whatever you want to call this group. While I am sure that their plans include control of the masses, I also believe they aren’t just secularists. Quite a few are also religious. Some of you would probably believe they are satanic or even pagan. No, not all of them are. A few maybe, but not all. I believe the larger cadre is Christian, Islamic, & Jewish. Why do I think that? Look at what is happening globally. To the simple mind it is just pure chaos, and wickedness. So the first thing that pops in your mind is The End Times…well that actually is apart of it. But not how you think it is. No the devil isn’t running around sewing chaos, and well evil. That is what you are supposed to think, they want you to believe that we are in the Last Days. Why? Because they are religious, and do believe in their holy texts. They are attempting to manufacture the circumstances, and events that will usher in those End times. All three Monotheistic religions believe in an End Times. Christians believe it’s Jesus’ return, Muslims believe it is the twelfth Imam, and Jews believe it is the Messiah. Each one of these characters come on scene and usher in the End Times. Think about it the Jews have been waiting the longest for this Messiah to come, thousands of years. Christians have been waiting two thousand years for Jesus to return, and Islam less than two thousand for the twelfth Imam.  There have been major wars, governments (Usually Imperial in nature) that have tried to conquer all around them – one world government. All have failed individually. That’s where this group mentioned above comes into it. They have formed this group alliance, to usher in this “Final battle between good and evil”.

That’s where the idea of Socialism and Communism come into play. Each ideal is about an elite group controlling the people. When Communism came out it failed in its direct approach at seizing power. We exist in a world where Monarchs aren’t as powerful as they once were. We’ve created governments that are more freedom based. So that is a bit harder for this group to take control. So they have to do it the long way, by infiltration. Little by little they have inserted their global agenda into all facets of our daily lives. Education – to bring up the youth believing in this idealism, Media – to spread propaganda covertly, rather than overtly, and places of employment – to ensure saturation. It was far more difficult for them to control conservatives – due to logic, so they went after the vulnerable:  liberals – due to emotions. This began to spread “Socialism/Communism” much quicker. Since we have all been indoctrinated to react with our emotions it has been far easier to manipulate us. That’s why there is division among the people’s. If we are pitted against one another constantly arguing and fighting, then it is more easy on the Group to take control. They also control and manipulate the currencies around the globe. So if the various countries collapse, Communists can step in and gain control.

One World Government is essential to their plans of control. As is eventually the merging of all religions, into one. The Final battle cannot take place until those two are done. So if all that is true, why would secularists be apart of it? Simple: greed. Greed for Power is strong in humanity. Though the religious types are trying to usher in the end of the world, the secularists are trying to usher in centralized power. So they all essentially have the same goal in mind: Global control. I used to be religious, and of course believed in the End Times. So when I saw the future all I could see it from is a religious view point. Good versus Evil, Jesus coming back and destroying the wicked. Now that I am Deist I see the same battle coming but with different focus. Unfortunately there will be another great war; and as previously stated it will be a religious war. Billions will be killed in this war and there will be great destruction. I am afraid this attempt at bringing about the end of the world will last for decades if not centuries. Why? Because the religionists will be waiting for the world to end and for their long waited religious figure to come about. Slowly, very slowly it will dawn on them that the religious figure isn’t coming. That the billions killed world wide will be their fault. Hopefully the remaining people will realize this too. Also hopefully the truth will come out about what this group had planned, and they will be toppled then brought to justice. I can’t say what happens after that as even I cannot see the future. I can only look at certain patterns and like every other “Prophet” has done – guess. The visions (Prophecies) these people had are just the patterns their brains noticed and put a “Prediction” together. Sometimes they got something right and sometimes they didn’t. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when it happens.

Men’s feelings, and the family unit.

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As men we are not taught about feelings. We are taught how to be strong, and shrug off extraneous things that can prevent us from protecting home, property, and country. Regretfully that means emotions and feelings. To be strong one has to be able to acknowledge the feelings but not be distracted by them. Consequently, men don’t understand emotions and feelings as keenly as women do. Though many women are as bad as they are not taught to be strong, and therefore give into their feelings which can cripple them. Women can sit down and talk about their feelings, in doing so can be at the point of tearing each others eyes out one moment, then crying and hugging the next. Guys when they are at logger heads with each other don’t express their feelings, so tend to punch each other. It isn’t necessarily a sign of dominance, but a test of whether the other guy can take pain and injury. If so and are able to give as good as they get, then the two become friends or brothers in arms. Most of Western Civilization was built on this concept. However there is a severe downside. Firstly as mentioned, men do not have ability to process or understand their emotions. Nor those of other guys, and consequently women are an enigma. In recent decades women have joined in with the provision for the home, but not its protection. Women are struggling now to provide for the home and manage the family. Men are having to learn how to help manage the family but haven’t the tools necessary, especially in understanding emotions and feelings. Another failing of much of Western culture is the idea that a man is to love a woman and leave his parents home to build his own. Thus when mom and dad reach a certain age, they are shipped off to a retirement place – senior living or nursing home. The best way to fix our issues I believe is first stop the nonsense that men need to leave their childhood home and forge their own way. Homes should be multi-generational, Grandparents, parents and kids. In this way when new couples need to both work and defend their homes they have help. Men can be taught to still be strong, but to understand their own emotions and that of others. Women can be raised to be strong as well, but not to collapse because of their emotions.

Multi-generational homes don’t all have to be in one structure or “under one roof”. The ancient Chinese had separated rooms, which were their own structures. In this way a husband and wife can have privacy without disturbing others. Grandparents can assist parents in raising and helping out with children while the parents work. Consequently children can learn the concept of care in helping their aging grandparents. This also takes a large burden off the medical community. For multiple sibling homes, each one can be taught how to build. So when they get older and start their own family, they can expand their “Structure” or “room” They can also build another structure or two for their children, until the grandparents pass and everyone shifts to their new roles. Parents become the grandparents and the children become parents. With families learning to care for each other, the need for nursing homes ends and the nightmare many elderly suffer ends as well. Medical staff can still make regular visits to homes to help out with minor medical issues, while the family learns to help with bathing, dressing and sometimes feeding their aging family members.

Since the burden is removed for the children to “strike out on their own” the chances for failure lessen. Homelessness may still occur, but not as significantly as with children having a strong base to build from. All the family income is used in paying utilities, and upkeep to the home. Struggling may still occur, but won’t be as bad as they are now. If everyone is raised with the value of the family and its importance, the likelihood of single parents will also drop. It would be difficult for Western culture to shift to this type of arrangement, though it can be done. Imagine families like this would actually have time for each other. As it is now, we are forced to strike out on our own, and many lose connection to their family as they are building their own. Drug use will drastically drop off as a means of escape due to failure, as will alcoholism. Perhaps even crime will drop as most people won’t be struggling to survive and feel the need to steal to survive. As for children that lose their families due to accidents, other means can be established to mimic the structure of a family. Capitalism isn’t the problem, not having strong families is the problem. The socialist mind feels that by everyone sharing the burdens equal outcomes can be possible. The trouble is, they seek to force everyone together and force everyone to share their earnings. This structure collapses as people don’t like being forced to do anything. By having strong familial ties, it would be easier for people to learn to work together with others and unify for common benefit. The desire to share burdens would increase, as would generosity. But forcing people to unify will always fail. Thus Socialism, Communism and any totalitarianism will fail as their are forced unity. They want unity for greed of power and money, as well as their own benefit. I believe it is very possible for humanity to eventually come together as one. But forcing it will keep us all separate. Family is what brings people together, build on that. In time man may learn and understand that all people are one family. All families have differences, but they all have commonalities of family to build unity on.

Death Penalty

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So I had a random thought..yeah it happens rather a lot. So I remember watching TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and a religious guy was talking about after the end times being in heaven and “Watch home videos” of Jesus taking on Satan and bringing him to heel. So this Christian man would celebrate the suffering, incarceration and eventual demise with relish. Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. After doesn’t the bible teach that you must forgive those who have sinned against you as God has forgiven you sinning against him? Doesn’t it also teach that you should love your enemy as yourself? Very hard words to live by for any of us, whether religious or not. Whether we believe in the myths taught in the bible or not. Yet still myth or no, it does teach very meaningful lessons. So anyway as this was running through my head and thinking that this religious guy should not relish in the suffering even of one so evil as Satan; yet I support the death penalty. I’m not religious expert by any means, however what I do know of Jesus is that I seriously doubt he would relish such a job. In fact he would likely try to get Satan to understand how he is wrong and give Satan that chance to repent. Even if Satan were to remain stubborn and unrepentant, Jesus (God incarnate) would not relish having to destroy Satan. That’s not how love works. We aught not relish in the failure or demise of others. And many of us, myself included really need to learn to forgive even the most evil of people. That doesn’t mean we should release them, even IF they realize what they have done and repent. However, how can we give that individual the opportunity to come to that conclusion if we put them to death? Not any easy thing to contemplate I know. I have no idea why that popped in my head now and not sooner. Anyways, I am seriously going to have to rethink the death penalty.

God: A new Understanding

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Many people have been raised and trained to believe that God is something that is only defined by a holy book – which in fact was written by men. Also, that the only way to “Seek & Understand” God is through said book, affiliated (pre-approved) writings, and in a building. So, at first, they indoctrinate you to see what seems a very good and loving God. As you get older you start hearing rather scary and some rather disturbing stories, told by someone teaching you what they were taught. When you become an adult and decide to read it on your own outside the building or away from readers and teachers, you really see that the god in that holy book is violent, intolerant, quick to anger, and just about damn near impossible to please. If you are one of those that went off on your own, you may try to ask questions of the teachers. They give you the answers they were taught or “learned” on their own through studying the ‘sacred texts’. Some people by this point have been taught to not question and accept what their teachers tell them. So, they carry on. They even raise their children in the same way they were, sharing a very dark god indeed. The others that did not question their teachers or didn’t accept the answers wind up horrified and alone. They seek other doctrines to quell their sorrow, which regretfully turn up other dark tomes. Some go into them and the rest forswear religion and at times God as well.


My personal path took me towards Wicca at first. The view I was given was nice and I liked it. But soon, I felt that even that wasn’t for me. Since I really could not look at all of Creation around me and disbelieve, I turned to Deism. It is a simple idea – A Creator set all of Creation in motion and allowed it to develop from there but did not interact with its creation. I took to it as it provided comfort from the crazed killing god of the religions. Naturally after so many years of teaching that other view pops up in the back of your head and tries to lure you back to the fold. Or maybe what was talking into your mind was trying to tell you that there are other paths to seek God. You also have many well-meaning friends and family that try to convince you that you need to return to that which you escaped. Sadly, some do fall back into it, because they fear death and the afterlife. Regretfully I didn’t realize that that “voice” was telling me to seek God on my own. Not to follow what others tell me to do, via ‘holy writings’.

So very recently a good friend was talking with me and presented a new way for me to look at God. Don’t look at God through the lens and filter of religion, but apart from all that. Also use logic and you’ll realize it leads to towards the correct path. If God is love, then how can he be violent and hateful the way those religions present him? He can’t. When you yourself learn to see your own ability to love others, you see that it is not limited or requisite on certain boundaries. You love your parents and even if you have a “falling out” where you don’t talk any more, you still love them. Likewise, when having children, you love them unconditionally. They could commit crimes, or the unspeakable murder and you’d still love them. So why do we put God at a distance that is very next to impossible to reach? God can’t be so limited and be that which is presented in those books. That god is capable of such violence and anger, that he willingly kills those that don’t appease him. That is not love, and that is most certainly not God.


Be of Love and share love with others, even those who are not kind to you. Not easy by any means, but a worthy goal to aim towards. I have a long road to travel but one I hope to make it down. I also hope not to hurt others on that road.

Christian Backlash

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I have been amazed at how many times in the years after I left the Christian religion that I have seen a supposedly loving religion, spew so much hate as when talking about gay people or even Atheists. I can see these people one minute say “God Bless you”, and then the next say “You’re going to Hell”. What is truly more disturbing is that whether they realize it or not, they need all the support they can get in this chaotic world. I’m sorry to say that Islam is spreading like a cancer on many continents in the world. Besides their hating non-Moslims they also hate gays, women, and freedom. However since there are many gay people that are not “obvious” they can choose to hide in plain sight. Christians in a church on the other hand are targets for these murderers. More and more everyday Christians in 3rd world countries and mostly Moslim dominated countries are being killed for their faith. They are being persecuted through violence, rape, and death. Meanwhile in many 1st world nations there are Christians crying that they are being persecuted because they are not allowed to force their beliefs on others, or break the law forbidding same when they work in government. I continuously hear in social media pages these same arrogant types run around asking “Do you believe marriage is between a man and a woman” that is followed by many replies of “Yes” and “Amen”, usually citing their god as a reference. This being the same “loving” god that supposedly murdered the entire population of the Earth with flood waters save one family and any who would listen to that family. Oh and two of every creature in the world. Guess the other animals pissed him off too?

Far too soon the cancer that is Islam will bloom in the 1st world. It is already budding in Europe, Australia, and Canada; as well as to a minor extent here in America. Soon that budding will bloom into full all out Islamic violence and death. The so-called “Moderate” Moslims that everyone believes in non-violent will soon find out the truth as they join in the violence and death themselves. Moderates are merely jihadis in waiting. So with all that said it really isn’t a good idea to piss off allies that could fight by your side and help you out. Mind you there are gay christians and they will probably help you out as would most decent human beings if they were to see your ass being attacked. However there are still those that will not forget your constant barrage of hate spewing from your mouth and probably just watch you go down as justice. Essentially when it is all said and done your religion does teach that god will judge each individual in his own way. So does it really matter whether two homos get married? Does it really matter whether people leave your religion in droves because y’all open your mouths spewing hate constantly? No, it doesn’t. If you really believe in your god let him judge, and let him issue the punishments he deems correct. He don’t need your help doing that. As it is Moslems believe that they have to kill because their god can’t seem to do it on his own and needs them to be his instrument of violence and death on this world. Don’t fall into that pit and become what they are. Leave gays alone, leave Atheists alone, leave Deists alone. Hell leave everyone alone and worry about your own sins and faults, cause your god is gathering everything he needs about you and your sins and is waiting to judge you.

Attacking possible allies is a foolish thing to do in war. Don’t think there is a war going on? There is; two in fact. A war of religion where Islam wants to kill any non-Moslem. And Globalists wanting to destroy freedom. I know you religious types constantly cry “It’s the end times!” and “The devil made me do it!” however y’all been saying that for centuries. Every major war or skirmish that has brought chaos or great violence the world over has made christians cry out “It’s the end times!” Because the era was so terrible, the loss of life was so great that surely jesus was about to come back and join in the fight on his white steed and start smiting all evil doers. But when he doesn’t, y’all blow it off as a false alarm and wait for the end times again. Which of course must still be down the road in the “near” future. Y’all are going to need all the allies you can get so do like the jews and stop condemning everyone to hell, ally yourself with those that do not believe like you and fight the evil (That is in man NOT in an external source.) and live in harmony with others. I’m not asking you to “Condone the sin” as this thought is no doubt running through your mind, I am asking you to let your god handle it in his own way and in his own time.

Faux Religion

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I don’t know why or how it is we can be so easily fooled by illogic. The belief that Judeo/Christian beliefs are true (Islam is pure filth & evil so don’t get me started on that trash), just boggles the mind! People, it isn’t real! It’s all made up and written by men to control you! Proof? Read Genesis chapter 1:

24 And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. 25 And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

26 Then God said, “Let us make man[h] in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

27 So God created man in his own image,
    in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them.

Now read Genesis Chapter 2:

then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.

18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone;I will make him a helper fit for[e] him.” 19 Now out of the ground the Lord God had formed[f] every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man to see what he would call them. And whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name. 20 The man gave names to all livestock and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field. But for Adam[g] there was not found a helper fit for him. 21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.22 And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made[h] into a woman and brought her to the man.

Now read it again, because I know you didn’t pay attention as you’ve been trained (Programmed) not to. Still don’t see it? Let me point it out to you:

Genesis Chapter 1 says god made all the beasts of the land then made man & woman.

Genesis Chapter 2 says god made man then the beasts of the land (so Adam would not be alone) then let Adam name them, then he made woman.

See the difference? From all that we have been told, the Bible was written with the Holy Spirit dwelling in those who wrote it. For those who do not know the H.S. is god. So, did he have amnesia and forget in what order he made creation? Or is it merely the fact that man wrote the book, made up the stories and forgot what order “events” took place.

Now let’s use logic.

So god made the tree of knowledge. This tree supposedly gives one knowledge of good & evil. Remember the punishment for eating of this tree? but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat[d] of it you shall surely die.” Yet as we all know they did not die. Why? Well, maybe god didn’t mean right away. Maybe he meant that the knowledge of evil would cause them to kill each other. Who knows?

But let’s skip that reasoning for a moment and return to the fact that god created the tree in the first place. Now we have all been taught that god knows everything. “He is the same yesterday, today & forever.” meaning he knows all. So that being so, why did he make the tree of knowledge in the first place? Would he not have known before he even thought of creation what would happen if he created the tree and placed it in the garden?

And out of the ground the Lord God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

To me Logic points out that god set us (mankind) up for failure from the very beginning! He knew man would eat of the fruit from that tree, he knew Satan would be there in disguise tricking them into eating it! He knew all that and did nothing about it. He knew man would fail him before creation was started. So, logically either god is malevolent and wanted man to fail – which is evil. Or god didn’t know and therefore is not all knowing and then not really God.

These Flaws in Logic are man made for a reason, because man makes mistakes when making stuff up. And I also would point out that according to scripture and theologians, the spirit of god is upon those who wrote the bible. If that were so, don’t you think they’d catch something like this? Or at the very least not make a mistake in the first place?

Not convinced yet? Let’s skip ahead a few chapters to the time of Noah. God at this point is royally pissed at his creation: man. Man has made a mess of things and does too much evil things for god’s liking. So he decides to destroy man in a Flood! He turns to Noah and says that he wants Noah to build a huge boat called an Ark. And then proceeds to tell Noahwhat he has planned. So Noah begins building this gigantic boat, that everyone can see for a long way off. Naturally as Noah is nowhere near an ocean he is mocked. Anyway fast forward and he is finished. He has two of every species on Earth, his family and anyone willing to listen to him about the coming flood. Soon it starts to rain, and the flood waters come and lift the Ark on a new “ocean” and carries it off! Also anyone or any animal not on this boat are drowned and destroyed by a loving god. Anyway fast forward the waters recede and god “repents” what he did in anger and throws a rainbow up in promise to never flood the world ever again.

So, the ever merciful loving god slaughters all mankind for their sins. Um first of all, didn’t he already know the future and his later decision to “save” mankind by sending part of himself to live and die on a cross for the sins of all mankind – past, present, & future? Wait, a loving merciful god has a killer temper? And you expect me to believe he won’t slaughter again? But he promised…yeah not to kill us all by flood again. If you ever read the end of the bible, it says he will kill many people again in the “last days” for being “wicked in his sight”. I would also like to point out the main flaw in the Noah story. We all know that as long as 1 human lives, the curse of the first sin will reside in them. So Noah, family, and those faithful to listen to Noah and hop on the Ark will now resow the Earth with sinful humans! Um, did god forget that little detail? Because of his allowing Noah and family to live, he allowed sin – that thing he was so pissed about that he flooded the world – to continue.

Shall we discuss the illogic of only two people populating the entire planet? If you never learned even the basics of genetics, let me point something out. Ever wondered why a child that was born of say a brother that had sex with his sister is deformed? Because there was insufficient genetic material to work with. Their genes are the same, so there was not enough to go with to create a new person. ok, I’m not great at explaining. Just understanding the ideas behind incest being a bad thing. So essentially if Adam had sex with Eve – who was made from his own DNA – they would have produced deformed children. Also to continue the population effort, Eve would have had to have sex with Cain & Abel. It’s the only way to continue, as there are no other humans around. Again, their children would have come out deformed. This is why you should know the bible is made up, because there is no way that their offspring could have continued producing successfully. Eventually humanity would have died off if they continued incestous procreation. Not enough genetic material.

This is why you need to not just read the bible, but comprehend with logic what you are reading. Don’t go to bible study or to a preacher, or even a class on theology; they will all tell you the information they were brainwashed with. Religion doesn’t allow for rational or reasoning thought.

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