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I have been amazed at how many times in the years after I left the Christian religion that I have seen a supposedly loving religion, spew so much hate as when talking about gay people or even Atheists. I can see these people one minute say “God Bless you”, and then the next say “You’re going to Hell”. What is truly more disturbing is that whether they realize it or not, they need all the support they can get in this chaotic world. I’m sorry to say that Islam is spreading like a cancer on many continents in the world. Besides their hating non-Moslims they also hate gays, women, and freedom. However since there are many gay people that are not “obvious” they can choose to hide in plain sight. Christians in a church on the other hand are targets for these murderers. More and more everyday Christians in 3rd world countries and mostly Moslim dominated countries are being killed for their faith. They are being persecuted through violence, rape, and death. Meanwhile in many 1st world nations there are Christians crying that they are being persecuted because they are not allowed to force their beliefs on others, or break the law forbidding same when they work in government. I continuously hear in social media pages these same arrogant types run around asking “Do you believe marriage is between a man and a woman” that is followed by many replies of “Yes” and “Amen”, usually citing their god as a reference. This being the same “loving” god that supposedly murdered the entire population of the Earth with flood waters save one family and any who would listen to that family. Oh and two of every creature in the world. Guess the other animals pissed him off too?

Far too soon the cancer that is Islam will bloom in the 1st world. It is already budding in Europe, Australia, and Canada; as well as to a minor extent here in America. Soon that budding will bloom into full all out Islamic violence and death. The so-called “Moderate” Moslims that everyone believes in non-violent will soon find out the truth as they join in the violence and death themselves. Moderates are merely jihadis in waiting. So with all that said it really isn’t a good idea to piss off allies that could fight by your side and help you out. Mind you there are gay christians and they will probably help you out as would most decent human beings if they were to see your ass being attacked. However there are still those that will not forget your constant barrage of hate spewing from your mouth and probably just watch you go down as justice. Essentially when it is all said and done your religion does teach that god will judge each individual in his own way. So does it really matter whether two homos get married? Does it really matter whether people leave your religion in droves because y’all open your mouths spewing hate constantly? No, it doesn’t. If you really believe in your god let him judge, and let him issue the punishments he deems correct. He don’t need your help doing that. As it is Moslems believe that they have to kill because their god can’t seem to do it on his own and needs them to be his instrument of violence and death on this world. Don’t fall into that pit and become what they are. Leave gays alone, leave Atheists alone, leave Deists alone. Hell leave everyone alone and worry about your own sins and faults, cause your god is gathering everything he needs about you and your sins and is waiting to judge you.

Attacking possible allies is a foolish thing to do in war. Don’t think there is a war going on? There is; two in fact. A war of religion where Islam wants to kill any non-Moslem. And Globalists wanting to destroy freedom. I know you religious types constantly cry “It’s the end times!” and “The devil made me do it!” however y’all been saying that for centuries. Every major war or skirmish that has brought chaos or great violence the world over has made christians cry out “It’s the end times!” Because the era was so terrible, the loss of life was so great that surely jesus was about to come back and join in the fight on his white steed and start smiting all evil doers. But when he doesn’t, y’all blow it off as a false alarm and wait for the end times again. Which of course must still be down the road in the “near” future. Y’all are going to need all the allies you can get so do like the jews and stop condemning everyone to hell, ally yourself with those that do not believe like you and fight the evil (That is in man NOT in an external source.) and live in harmony with others. I’m not asking you to “Condone the sin” as this thought is no doubt running through your mind, I am asking you to let your god handle it in his own way and in his own time.


Faux Religion

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I don’t know why or how it is we can be so easily fooled by illogic. The belief that Judeo/Christian beliefs are true (Islam is pure filth & evil so don’t get me started on that trash), just boggles the mind! People, it isn’t real! It’s all made up and written by men to control you! Proof? Read Genesis chapter 1:

24 And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. 25 And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

26 Then God said, “Let us make man[h] in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

27 So God created man in his own image,
    in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them.

Now read Genesis Chapter 2:

then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.

18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone;I will make him a helper fit for[e] him.” 19 Now out of the ground the Lord God had formed[f] every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man to see what he would call them. And whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name. 20 The man gave names to all livestock and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field. But for Adam[g] there was not found a helper fit for him. 21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.22 And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made[h] into a woman and brought her to the man.

Now read it again, because I know you didn’t pay attention as you’ve been trained (Programmed) not to. Still don’t see it? Let me point it out to you:

Genesis Chapter 1 says god made all the beasts of the land then made man & woman.

Genesis Chapter 2 says god made man then the beasts of the land (so Adam would not be alone) then let Adam name them, then he made woman.

See the difference? From all that we have been told, the Bible was written with the Holy Spirit dwelling in those who wrote it. For those who do not know the H.S. is god. So, did he have amnesia and forget in what order he made creation? Or is it merely the fact that man wrote the book, made up the stories and forgot what order “events” took place.

Now let’s use logic.

So god made the tree of knowledge. This tree supposedly gives one knowledge of good & evil. Remember the punishment for eating of this tree? but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat[d] of it you shall surely die.” Yet as we all know they did not die. Why? Well, maybe god didn’t mean right away. Maybe he meant that the knowledge of evil would cause them to kill each other. Who knows?

But let’s skip that reasoning for a moment and return to the fact that god created the tree in the first place. Now we have all been taught that god knows everything. “He is the same yesterday, today & forever.” meaning he knows all. So that being so, why did he make the tree of knowledge in the first place? Would he not have known before he even thought of creation what would happen if he created the tree and placed it in the garden?

And out of the ground the Lord God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

To me Logic points out that god set us (mankind) up for failure from the very beginning! He knew man would eat of the fruit from that tree, he knew Satan would be there in disguise tricking them into eating it! He knew all that and did nothing about it. He knew man would fail him before creation was started. So, logically either god is malevolent and wanted man to fail – which is evil. Or god didn’t know and therefore is not all knowing and then not really God.

These Flaws in Logic are man made for a reason, because man makes mistakes when making stuff up. And I also would point out that according to scripture and theologians, the spirit of god is upon those who wrote the bible. If that were so, don’t you think they’d catch something like this? Or at the very least not make a mistake in the first place?

Not convinced yet? Let’s skip ahead a few chapters to the time of Noah. God at this point is royally pissed at his creation: man. Man has made a mess of things and does too much evil things for god’s liking. So he decides to destroy man in a Flood! He turns to Noah and says that he wants Noah to build a huge boat called an Ark. And then proceeds to tell Noahwhat he has planned. So Noah begins building this gigantic boat, that everyone can see for a long way off. Naturally as Noah is nowhere near an ocean he is mocked. Anyway fast forward and he is finished. He has two of every species on Earth, his family and anyone willing to listen to him about the coming flood. Soon it starts to rain, and the flood waters come and lift the Ark on a new “ocean” and carries it off! Also anyone or any animal not on this boat are drowned and destroyed by a loving god. Anyway fast forward the waters recede and god “repents” what he did in anger and throws a rainbow up in promise to never flood the world ever again.

So, the ever merciful loving god slaughters all mankind for their sins. Um first of all, didn’t he already know the future and his later decision to “save” mankind by sending part of himself to live and die on a cross for the sins of all mankind – past, present, & future? Wait, a loving merciful god has a killer temper? And you expect me to believe he won’t slaughter again? But he promised…yeah not to kill us all by flood again. If you ever read the end of the bible, it says he will kill many people again in the “last days” for being “wicked in his sight”. I would also like to point out the main flaw in the Noah story. We all know that as long as 1 human lives, the curse of the first sin will reside in them. So Noah, family, and those faithful to listen to Noah and hop on the Ark will now resow the Earth with sinful humans! Um, did god forget that little detail? Because of his allowing Noah and family to live, he allowed sin – that thing he was so pissed about that he flooded the world – to continue.

Shall we discuss the illogic of only two people populating the entire planet? If you never learned even the basics of genetics, let me point something out. Ever wondered why a child that was born of say a brother that had sex with his sister is deformed? Because there was insufficient genetic material to work with. Their genes are the same, so there was not enough to go with to create a new person. ok, I’m not great at explaining. Just understanding the ideas behind incest being a bad thing. So essentially if Adam had sex with Eve – who was made from his own DNA – they would have produced deformed children. Also to continue the population effort, Eve would have had to have sex with Cain & Abel. It’s the only way to continue, as there are no other humans around. Again, their children would have come out deformed. This is why you should know the bible is made up, because there is no way that their offspring could have continued producing successfully. Eventually humanity would have died off if they continued incestous procreation. Not enough genetic material.

This is why you need to not just read the bible, but comprehend with logic what you are reading. Don’t go to bible study or to a preacher, or even a class on theology; they will all tell you the information they were brainwashed with. Religion doesn’t allow for rational or reasoning thought.


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Her name is spelled in several different ways. I am look for her other children; This is not a person. I just assumed that I was the only one, but wonder if there are others. If you exist E-mail me @ Tell me what you know about her so that I know that you are talking about what I am talking about. You can’t put a comment here either, so I can keep the fake types away. Thank You.

Rainbow Promise

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Why is it people see a Rainbow in the sky and the first thing that pops in their mind is “God’s Promise”? Did they not actually read and comprehend that story?! In it god looks down on his creations and thinks “They’re so wicked! I am sick of their evil. I believe it is time to act and slaughter them all! Oh wait, there is a man that is pious I will save him and his kin.” So god calls down to Noah while he sleeps and tells him his plans to wipe out the human race, but since Noah was so well behaved god would spare him and his kin. “And oh by the way Noah, I want to save two of every animal. One male and one female of every species. Even though animals are innocent, I say to hell with them too. Let’s start fresh!”

So god the “All Knowing” slaughters all creation except for Noah, his Kin and some animals. Now shouldn’t the creator of the universe know that if you spare even one human being that the curse of Eden would live on? After all he is the one who cursed Adam & Eve in the first place! Anyway after Noah settles in with his kin in a new land god says “What I did was terrible!” and repents of what he did. (Umm, god the good did something terrible? Say what?) He then creates the Rainbow as his symbol of promise to never flood the world ever again.

How is it that people cannot see the Rainbow and realize that the god they believe in and even worship, slaughtered their fellow human? Oh that’s right god is righteous and man deserved it correct? Sounds as though god is not all knowing and is fumbling around learning as we are. Which is an even more scary thought! This is one of many reasons I left Religion far behind, the idea that the creator interacts with its creations leads to ludicrousness. Think about it, the Bible was written by men! Men makes mistakes and forget what they wrote, and not realize the errors and contradictions of their writings.

The Pope Quits!

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Well never thought I’d ever see such a thing as the Pope quitting his job! I have always grown up believing it was a life time post. In fact John Paul 2 showed us that this was so as he died doing his duty to the Church and the world. Now we have a Pope that says “Oh this job is just to hard, I can’t do it anymore so I quit!”. First this sets a precedent for future Popes that they too can quit when the going gets tough. Secondly it sets a bad example to the rest of the Church especially those who may be struggling in their roles within the Church. Oh so your tired of being a nun because it is too hard? That’s ok, now you can quit! Being a priest is just too difficult and you have too much responsibility? Just quit!

Married couples who are struggling in their marriage, but are trying to make things work because they believe in Marriage for life. Well now you too can’t just give up! Kids are you struggling in life or at school? Perhaps struggling in an after school activity or academia? Just give up, the Pope did! Hey Catholic, have trouble in your faith? Things too difficult for you? Well look, the leader of your Church just quit, now you can too!

Do you see where I am going with this? The point of the Papacy is that it is not only a lifetime appointment and job, it is also a shining example to many in the world who struggle in their lives, jobs, marriages, school, etc! John Paul 2 showed that you have a duty to do, and you never quit on it even old age does not stop your responsibility to yourself and others. He suffered as Jesus did, knowing that it would be the end of him. He never gave up or surrendered to the deterioration of his body.

This decision of Benedict will have dire consequences to many in the world. There will be those who will attempt to down play this, and say that it is nothing and not a big deal. I say otherwise, and have given you proof as to why it is. While those who are strong will not be bothered by this, those who are not or are going trough tough times will suffer the consequences as will the Church itself. Many struggling Catholics can now just say “It’s just to difficult, I can’t do this. I quit!” and you now will lose a great many. And of course, though many of the other denominations out there will say it does not affect them as they don’t follow the Catholic Church; it will affect them. For their membership will see this and say as well “Too hard, I quit!” and lose some of their membership. And what of those who put their lives on the line in Muslim countries? The could die if they come out as Christian in these places. What incentive have they to continue the hard struggle?

Benedict was John Paul 2’s right hand man. He was there during all of John Paul’s struggles and his long service. He knew what being Pope meant, of all the suffering that comes with the job. You suffer for your faith as Christ did. So, knowing all of this, why did he accept the job? Why did he accept even being nominated during the selection process? This is so bad on so many fronts that it is just unbelievable.

I know I am not Christian, and I really do not have a love of the belief itself. But I do have a concern for human beings. And since their are those that believe in this religion I have concern for their well being, especially those that find peace and solace in it. Now all of that is disrupted and those people suffer for it. I feel for them as they now struggle even more and in silence. Perhaps even just give up on life itself. I have depression, and know that struggle for life. I wouldn’t do anything, but I know the feelings and thoughts. And when something that you held on to collapses around you, I know the consequences for some will be just too much. For them I feel great worry and sorrow. I also ask them to not give up just because this coward did. Yes that is a strong chastisement, but the Pope stands for so much, and is held to a higher standard that the rest of us. And to quit when John Paul 2 was brave enough to endure it, makes me feel Benedict is a coward. He has done a great harm to the Church and to struggling people around the world that set the Pope as their standard.

Conservatives my foot!

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Conservatives drive me crazy! So a few weeks ago I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio say that he thought some gun regulation was a good thing! Seriously?? That is not what the Second Amendment says! It says that the people have a right to protect themselves and the right to bear arms. Arms means weapons. If our Founding Fathers had intended that Amendment to be limiting, they would ahve specified so. Saying perhaps “the right to bear muskets & pistols” or “the people have the right to bear basic arms” these would tell me that regulation was intended. In fact Mr. Washington President number one said “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” Does that sound to you like they wanted gun control or regulation? For more excellent quotes from founding fathers and great minds from history go to the following page:

Another Conservative watched a video that said the Cities of Dallas & Fort Worth have come up with a new program for police officers. They are all given prepaid cards so that when they go drinking they can call and get a free ride in a cab should they feel buzzed or just plain drunk. He thinks it is a great program! Mostly because of one instance when a cop got a DUI and all his arrests for others with DUI’s got dismissed by a judge. I tried to explain to him that the taxpayers are paying for drunk cops to get a free ride, he didn’t get it! So I got heated and said that I am expected when I go out drinking to have a designated driver present or to call someone (ie a family member, friend or co-worker) to take me home! If I am expected to be responsible why should we not expect this from our LAW ENFORCEMENT?! Even worse the idea was created by Unions! He has told me before he hates unions, yet when the video said that the unions came up with that he said nothing, and actually agreed with them!

In general Conservatives hate Big Government or so they say. They like Big Government when it benefits them. Extreme right conservatives believe it is the role of Government to decide who can and cannot be married. What does it matter what consenting adults choose to do with their lives? What business is it of the extreme right or of the government? Yet, these so called conservatives scream for government intervention in people’s lives when it is something they do not like. In fact this same group of conservatives used big government to place the words “In God We Trust” on our currency. And changed the Pledge of Allegiance to include “One nation under God”.  So they hate big government when it interfere with what they like or want but love it when it does what they want or like.

Also interesting is that Conservatives are supposed to be fiscally responsible yet, seem to have no problem with spending wildly when office. Conservatives have been booted out twice in congress for going against their principles of spending cuts. I would like to ask conservatives “Why do we have an IRS?” “Why do we have Income Tax?” “Why do we have a Federal Reserve not controlled by Congress?” And “Why am I less free today than what our founding fathers were? What happened to the land of the free?” To protest I have to get a friggen permit! And I have to be careful what I say so it does get called hate speech, as it could land me in jail! If I do not pay my unconstitutional income taxes, I will go to jail! If I had the money and wanted to buy a tank to protect myself from my Government (Whom by the way if they were to come after me, would not be using just a rifle or a pistol!) I can’t because Conservatives believe in “Reasonable Gun Regulations”. Once upon a time a person could buy land and it was his forever. He could pass it down generation to generation. Now days you pay taxes on your property (to pay for schools!), and to pass it down you have to have forms stating your intent and the person who inherits it pays an inheritance tax! Why do we have all these damned insane laws that our forefathers would balk at if they saw them?! In fact I imagine our founding fathers would incite a revolution against this current government as it is NOT what they had intended for our country! We are not a free people! We are hindered by our very own government. Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for allowing things to get this far out of hand.

Importance of Vitamins

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Growing up most children had parents that said take your vitamin! Most of us took a children’s Multivitamin, I took a Flintstone’s Chewable vitamins. And yet when we get out on our own we stop taking vitamins. Why? With all the various types of Flu-Viruses that have cropped up over the years, I would think people would want to take more! And yet, people don’t and instead run to their Doctor for a Flu shot. Worse still is every year of an “Epidemic” of a new strain of flu, the CDC is caught with their pants down. They seem never to have enough vaccine to go around.

It is so distressing to hear of people that die because of the Flu! Yes I have had the Flu, I know how bad it gets and makes you feel. But to die from it? It just seems unthinkable to me. Each year with every new strain even more people die than the last strain. Don’t even get me started on the common cold, for which we do not actually have a cure for! With it you have to just weather it with plenty of rest and fluids. For several years I got acute bronchitis without fail during winter. It causes endless coughing and much mucus build up, and seemingly endless misery. For the last several years – five or more – I have not had it or any illness.

What is my secret? No secret, I just take my vitamins! I started out taking Echinacea/Golden-seal (can’t remember mg, but it was a high number, Vitamin C (2000 mg) and a Multivitamin. I did that for roughly two years. And yes still got sick, but didn’t stop taking them! After that I could reduce my intake to a lower number of Echinacea/Golden-seal, 1000 mg Vitamin C and a Multivitamin. By this point your body has built up a good and strong immune system. Then after that I stopped with the Echinacea/Goldenseal (as I had to start taking prescription medication and couldn’t afford E/G any more) and reduced my Vitamin C down to 500mg. Though I have since started taking Men’s Multivitamin. Within these last several years as I stated above I have not gotten sick. I have also not gotten a Flu Shot in I don’t know how long, and have not come down with the Flu.

For your information in case you are worried about starting a whole new “Health Routiene”, I have been lazy most of my life. I don’t exercise (though I should) and don’t tend to eat healthy either (again though I should), plus my Cholesterol is 277. It’s hereditary. My point is that you don’t have to get ridiculous to start taking your vitamins, to avoid sickness. I would also point out that I am not rich and make roughly $22,000+ yearly and I make sure I can buy vitamins. I hate being sick!

Let me make it plain, I do not advocate no exercise – leads to stiff limbs – nor telling you not to eat right. Eat well and junk food in moderation! But I wanted to illustrate that anyone can start taking vitamins. And yes please feel free to consult your doctor about starting a vitamin regimen. No you don’t have to buy the most expensive Brand Name to get vitamins, if you need to check out the Dollar General, Dollar Tree and any other discount store that sells vitamins and medicines. Theirs are no worse than the big brand names and do the job just as well!

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